Calgary Municipal Ward Poverty Profiles

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Vibrant Communities Calgary and the Canadian Poverty Institute have released a publication outlining the incidence of poverty with poverty-specific data related to Calgary’s 14 wards.

This information can be used to stimulate debate and highlight poverty as a key election issue with local candidates.

The goal is for municipal candidates to use these profiles to inform their platforms and priority issues and consider how other orders of government and community organizations could address the various issues of poverty. In addition, voting Calgarians can use the information to form questions to ask candidates how they will support and advance poverty reduction if elected.

Both quantitative (numerical data) and qualitative (descriptive data) methods were used to create the profiles for each Ward. Calgarians participated in an online questionnaire designed to give insight into some of the top issues and concerns in each ward. Along with information on what is working well and what solutions are needed to address the various aspects of poverty in each ward.

Poverty is not always visible. Each of the 14 Wards in Calgary have things in common such as a strong sense of community and groups that help community members and residents. At the same time, these profiles are further evidence that poverty exists in each Ward, where people are struggling with access to affordable housing, mental health, transportation, childcare, access to appropriate cultural supports, and food security.

Published 13 July 2021

Updated 20 March 2023