Evaluation Report 2017

2017 was the third year of implementation of the Enough For All (E4A) strategy, utilizing a collective impact approach with Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) as the backbone. In its third year of implementation, E4A is clearly becoming both a network and an anchor that weaves and grounds all poverty reduction preventions and interventions in Calgary. In 2017 there were clear and measurable changes that demonstrated progress and alignment within each of the four goals of the E4A strategy. Collaboratives and stakeholders within E4A, to varying degrees, are orienting their development, planning and outcomes to one or more of the E4A goals. This focus and tightening of alignment is being integrated throughout all of the work and is a significant indictor of the shifting and strengthening landscape of the E4A collective impact. Overall, the numbers of people living with low incomes in Calgary has not changed dramatically and remains steady in spite of significant limiting factors of increases in population and unemployment and strenuous economic conditions in Alberta. The E4A strategy, as both net and anchor, has been pivotal in preventing more people moving into poverty and low income in Calgary. Social change requires everyday commitments coupled with dedication to the long-term investment to create positive change within the complex issue of poverty. This evaluation illustrates the early changes that are being achieved as a result of the E4A strategy alongside recommendations to increasingly strengthen the strategy and its collective impact approach.

Published 21 May 2018

Updated 5 January 2021