More Important than Ever: Enough for All Evaluation Report 2021

Every year, progress on Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Strategy – Enough for All – is evaluated by an independent third-party. The Enough for All 2021 evaluation was conducted by Dr. Katrina Milaney, who engaged stakeholders in a series of surveys, focus groups and interviews. She also completed a review of Champion research and annual reports to compile indicators across levers, including employment rates, income support caseloads, and program statistics.

The year 2021 marked the third year of the second iteration of the Enough for All Strategy. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to linger. Despite these issues, there were several highlights in 2021. This report shows progress and identifies gaps in the Goals, Levers of Change, Principles and the evolving role of VCC and Champions in advancing the Enough For All Strategy, all in the wake of a global pandemic. Stakeholders believe that because of growing pressures, several years of learnings, adaptations and long-term community partnerships, investment in and commitment to the E4A strategy is more important than ever.

Published 7 September 2022

Updated 8 September 2022