Implementing Enough for All – Pushing for Sustainable and Effective Collaboration

Enough for All mobilizes individuals and Champions to end poverty in Calgary

5 August 2021

What the Enough for All strategy proposes is that Calgarians come together not to have the same conversations we’ve already had or affirm the status quo. We aren’t just here for incremental change; we are challenging the charitable model, pushing to prevent poverty as well as reduce it, in order to transform the lives of Calgarians and apply generational thinking.

Vibrant Communities Calgary is the steward of Enough for All, Calgary’s community-owned poverty reduction strategy. The strategy requires flexibility and imagination and there is a place in the Enough for All strategy for everyone.

It’s our job to help untangle the complexity of poverty and work with others toward clarity, finding ways to shape how we all work together to end poverty in our city. We convene, support, advocate and build public will.

There are numerous ways to get involved. Organizations can become Enough for All Champions and work directly with us and other Champions to be a critical lens to levers of change. Being part of a network that tackles the root causes of poverty, helping make changes to programs, services, policies, structures and practices that impact Calgarians living in poverty.

Everyone can commit to helping reduce poverty by taking the Poverty Pledge. This includes steps you can take within your community to take action like leaving the stigma of poverty behind, beginning a personal truth and reconciliation journey, and becoming more educated about the root causes of poverty.

VCC pushes the strategy forward by building public awareness, influencing and supporting a cause or change in policy that reduces poverty, and participating in strategy and policy development with our partners and Champions.

Learn more about how we work in Enough for All Changemakers constantly ask ‘what’s possible?’