Poverty profile paints a clearer picture of Ward 8 incomes

VCC's Meaghon Reid and Hagir Sail discuss how poverty exists despite being hidden in certain areas of the city with the Calgary Journal

5 May 2022

VCC had an opportunity to discuss the impacts of poverty around the city with the Calgary Journal. “A lot of people think that poverty is the person sitting outside the grocery store asking for change, when in fact poverty is really happening behind a lot of doors,” said executive director Meaghon Reid. The article highlights VCC's poverty profiles which were completed in 2021.

The article also highlights the lived experience of disability and how it's often forgotten when decisions are made to tackle poverty. “When the intersectionality of disability, race, language and culture comes into play, it’s not it’s not even that you fall between the cracks, you just fell into a huge crevice, and nobody even bothers looking for you,” said Hagir Sail, community engagement and facilitation specialist.

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Simple map of Calgary's municipal wards

Highlighting the experiences of poverty

The 2021 Calgary Poverty Profiles have income, employment, food security, housing and other data to help decision-makers and the community understand inequality in their neighbourhoods.