Seasonal Planning

Recapping the summer and our plans for the next season

26 August 2022

One of the approaches we use at VCC is seasonal planning, an approach rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing. This approach tells us that summer is the time to tend to our relationships. Which relationships should we prioritize for face to face connecting? Which relationships do we need to build? Which relationships do we need to celebrate?

The summer launched with our AGM and report to community, both places to reflect on how connection and relationship accelerated Enough for All last year like never before (stay tuned for our 2021 evaluation on the same). We also had lots of conversations about rising inflation and affordability and thought a lot about how we are relating to one another as a community in this tumultuous time. Poverty Talks took this time to reconnect to community on some important conversations centred on our Levers of Change. All of these conversations (with each other, with the media) create the ecosystem for our community dialogue about poverty, one that VCC works to root in dignity, equity, and prosperity for all.  

Personally, my favorite relational activity this summer was VCC’s partner and Champion on-land learning event on August 10. We took this important time to connect to the land, to community, and to our learning journeys in truth and Reconciliation that are so critical in achieving Goal 3 of Enough for All.  

Now we are very much focused on fall, or ‘tending the harvest’. This is a time where we ask what we are hearing, learning and noticing, and a time to focus on what will have impact on the year ahead. For all of us working in systems change, 2023 will be a critical year. We have a provincial election ahead of us, which is an important time to advocate for the policy change that can rapidly and sustainably tackle poverty. We also need to continue to research and understand the unprecedented and rapidly changing poverty ecosystem coming out of COVID so that we can target system change initiatives appropriately. And of course, we will continue to advocate for the things we know that work to reduce poverty, like basic income, living wage, and coming together as Champions to leverage our collective wisdom and passion for our work.   

From all of us at VCC, we hope you all took some time to rest this summer and we look forward to working with each of you in this next season.  

In wellness, Meaghon  

(Many thanks to Tim Fox, member of VCC’s Indigenous Advisory Committee for teaching seasonal planning with the team) 

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