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The Justice Sector Constellation disbanded in 2022 after almost a decade of bringing together justice sector administration, service providers and stakeholders to address systemic issues within the justice sector.

The Justice Sector Constellation and its ties to Enough for All helped shift and shape conversations around justice and poverty. The Constellation made significant contributions to educating and engaging Albertans in the many ways poverty and the legal system intersect. The group impacted city bylaws, helped with systems navigation through client journey maps, and provided important educational opportunities through the creation of a Poverty and the Law Module. In particular, the Module has seen enormous success, being incorporated into courses at post-secondary institutions as well as parts of it have been included in the bar exam for lawyers in Alberta and other provinces.

Although the group no longer meets, their work carries on through their member organizations. Enough for All maintains an archive of their work and research below.

Priority Areas

Getting help with your legal issue

People may be able to identify their legal issue, but do not know what to do about it. Many are not aware of available resources and services. The Justice Sector Constellation worked to compile a database of justice service providers to make it easier to find help.

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