That’s a wrap

With two milestones last week, VCC reflects on the past year

17 June 2021

We’ve been hearing phrases like “rebuild post-pandemic” and “build back better” a lot lately, as many in Calgary are starting to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. But you can’t build back better unless you understand what got you there. 

As we started the planning for our annual event and report reflecting on the prior year’s work, it was clear that 2020 needed something different. 

It started with a study 

Over the past several months, VCC has been working with the Canadian Poverty Institute on a study to learn about the experiences of people living in low income. Seeing the first draft of the study, and specifically the verbatim comments, made us realize that 2020 couldn’t and shouldn’t be forgotten. We needed to reflect on these experiences to forge a better path forward and that was the theme of our annual general meeting this year. 

The program included incredible speakers like Indigenous Advisory Committee member Tim Fox who made a moving speech that touched on the recent discovery of Indigenous children buried outside Kamloops residential school and the intergenerational trauma experienced by many in local Indigenous communities. We also heard from Sue Gwynn representing Poverty Talks! who spoke about the disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on those living in low income. Poet Erin Dingle, dancer Georgi Scalplock and singer Orit Shimoni also used their art to help us tell the story of 2020. 

If you weren’t able to make it, we invite you to watch the video below. 

Along with our AGM, VCC released our 2020 Report to Community. It describes our collective efforts in 2020 to ensure people in our city who live in poverty were supported and represented. These efforts involved more than 30 organizations, collaboratives and Champions and how we amplified the voices of lived experience. We invite you to reflect with us and learn more about Enough for All’s goals and progress in 2020.

“But now we know we have the muscle and wisdom to build back better and the experience to no longer tolerate what has become visible to us over the past year. This is hopeful. We look forward to our continued journey, together. There is Enough for All.”